The world with all its demands and stresses stops for an hour or two. Health and a feeling of well-being rush to fill the absence. When you get off the table, the world is not such a bad place. Come see us often. A range of massage techniques are customized to fill the needs of both your body and your soul.

Julia is by far the best massage therapist I know. I started seeing her regularly to reduce stress.  Then I discovered that she is someone who intuits how your body/mind is working, explains it clearly (and accurately), and who proposes a therapy to make you feel better.  In my case, she was instrumental in helping me lose 45 pounds and to adopt a deeper appreciation for my body and a much healthier perspective on life.  She is quite remarkable.  I still see her regularly and highly recommend her.

Jim B.

Newton, MA

Julia is a gifted and intuitive massage therapist. Every time I see her the massage is unique based on what my body needs. Julia blends different eastern and western techniques to deliver an integrated energy flow massage. I always leave feeling 100% better. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who desires pain relief or optimal health. One session with her and you too will be a fan

James L.

Wellesley, MA

Why Choose Seoul Therapy Massage?

Because it’s all about you. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Julia tailors your treatment to address the whole of you. Julia’s combination of massage techniques is not the same as other therapists who may only address certain needs easily identified on the immediate surface. This treatment uses experience, knowledge and a personalized approach to address what is going on with your body and life – right in the moment, but also with an eye toward supporting your journey to overall holistic health.